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No appetite whatsover !!!!!

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So here i am on a friday evening with AGAIN nil enthusisam for tomorrows game. I have to say i''m sick to the back teeth of feeling like this on the eve of matches.  Fair play to all of you who will be putting your views to the fore tomorrow, its high time some sort of solidarity amongst the WOs was established to try and rectify this dire situation.  I for one and it pains to say it hope Stoke beat us tomorrow as this is the only way left to get rid of Worthington.

As due to family commitments and my lack of close proximity to the fine city i can only comment from the periphery of things but i was at Selhurst, Loftus Road and Molineux this season and witnessed three of the most abject city performances i have witnessed in 25 years of supporting this club, it was as excrucuating as it was humiliating.

For the record i think we will beat a very average Stoke team tomorrow but agin this will be eradicated by another stuffing at Leeds followed by more clueless reflections from the clueless one.

Good luck for the course i''m 100% behind it.

Worthy out and OTBC forever.  


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