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Reasons to be Cheerful - Part 2

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I think i''m going to take those oven gloves back that i''ve bought the wife for Christmas....

I just got home from the pub only to find the missus upstairs with none other than Mr Huckerby.

Well I can tell you I was more than a little startled at this and I could feel my emotions welling up inside me.

I can tell you I had it out with her there and then.

Why? Well, only the duvet was strewn all over the floor and poor Darren looked to me as if he was getting cold.

I remidied the situation quickly by tucking him in and bring him up a nice cup of tea.

Can''t have him treated like that can we?

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this man is already a god, and he is in for the welcome of his life at portman road on sunday!!!

and then home for boxing day!!!

and just think, xmas has come a little early this year

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