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End of an era

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Whilst I expect us to win 3 or 4 nil tonight (why should I? I don''t know after recent performances but I just think it will happen) it will only be a temporary high. The writing was on the wall after losing to Southampton let alone the 6-0 humiliation on the last day. Come to think of it our season started in the way that established a pattern for most of the year - some draws and little quality early on (compare us to West Ham now and Wigan). There were the great times (Newcastle and the Mckenzie goal and classy break from midfield against Man U) but on the whole, the manager set the tone - we forgave him mostly. This year the die was cast in the first few games and its continued - again there was a great hope at Christmas (most unlike us normally) - a false dawn - tonight may be another (I cannot believe we will lose) but the board will be aware (acutely apparently) that its not good enough and the end will come when we least expect it probably - unless fan power  wins out - and despite Delia''s creditable loyalty (something badly missing today) she''s also a fan too and as supporters we must trust that the right result will come - for me its far too late but there you are.

All eras (whether political or in sport for example) come to an end - most managers are failures in the end - ours included - he''s not been the worst - or the best - overall he''s taken the club forward - we should remember that when he goes (and I think he will soon) but its time for me to get off the fence now as well, there''s all the signs of decay, players not fighting like they should (unconsciously they want a change), a little bit of luck missing, the injuries etc... The era is in its last days and W should be not too despondent - 6 years nearly - not half bad for a football manager.

Tonight - enjoy (I hope). Overall I would give him 5 or 6 out of 10 - good effort, played with spirit, and all the other Worthy-type words and phrases he uses - he''s a type of manager in his own image, can''t fault the work ethic ....but now ..........Norwich City needs a new type of leader.

steady on...


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