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Look how good Billy Gilmour has become

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36 minutes ago, Jambomo said:

He’s got 2 assists doesn’t he? Corner in for Hanley’s goal against Southampton and the free kick for McLean’s goal v Wolves. 

I'm sure he was the official man of the match in those games. Just to add to the rest.  😃



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1 hour ago, Mengo said:

Try his grandad. That's more like it. You my man don't have a clue about football.

I'll pass the message on to him from you. 

What do you mean I dont have a clue about football?
I thought this was a dementia forum.


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8 hours ago, canarybubbles said:

I'm going to invite flak here, but I don't think Gilmour has been the main problem in the midfield this season. IMO, Farke saw the problem with Gilmour, but came up with the wrong solution: dropping Gilmour rather than McLean.

I know I sound like another poster making McLean the scapegoat, but I really think he has been very destructive to the team this season. As another poster pointed out somewhere (sorry, can't remember who or where), he is a ball-chaser. 17-year-old kids are ball-chasers and get it trained out of them; a player of McLean's experience should have the discipline to know what his role is and stick to it. With all his pointing and barking at his team-mates, he gives me the impression that he imagines he has taken over Buendia's free-ranging role in midfield. Buendia's freedom to roam the park, with not a smidgen of Buendia's talent or creativity. McLean is one of Cantona's water-carriers and he should stick to doing that or be replaced by someone who is willing to take a more humble role in the side.

EDIT: Then a player with greater talent such as Gilmour could have a free role without the midfield falling apart if he loses the ball.


You might have a point if he was our player. He's not. We have nothing to gain by continuing to play him.

It's not possible to objectively pinpoint why our midfield has been so poor this season. I've argued extensively that the change of system to accommodate Gilmour was the main issue but there are other (valid) counter arguments.

What I will say is that we never previously had a player of his type at any point under Farke. Perhaps Vrancic is the closest, but he was a genuine goal threat. The central midfield role always had a defensive bias. Switching to a central 3 simply never worked either in attack or defence.

Quite frankly I'd rather have one of our own youngsters gaining valuable experience at this point. We're not staying up, and Gilmour simply isn't helping us to pick up points. I'm struggling to understand why he wasn't sent back in January. 

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Posted (edited)
On 12/03/2022 at 00:21, AJ said:

Just remember that someone once made a video that made Mark Fotheringham look like a potential Ballon d'Or contender



Yeah. I remember a Man United fan posting a show reel of Obertan where he looked like the French Ronaldo.

Then he arrived in England with United and ended up at  Newcastle...

What a weird thread.

If you want to know how good a player is, look at what he does over 90 minute matches: Vs Denmark

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