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Lappins left boot!

Some people need to get real...

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I don''t post regularly on here as i feel that my opinions will be somewhat tainted by the fact that I am not able to attend N.C.F.C games on a regular basis due to being based at Uni in Liverpool.

But there is one thing that is really really bothering me, and that is the sad fact that people are actually resorting to wanting the opposition to win? WHY??? Where does that get us? Nowhere. Will it change the situation between Board and Manager?? No. So why stick posts on here that ask us to get behind the opposition?

I am a young fan, if you call 20 young, but have been a season ticket holder for half my life, and been going to games since i was 5. There have been many points that have made me feel that the club is not doing as much as it should, but i have never, never wanted a team that we are playing against to beat us.

Putting it into perspective, its a bit like saying, i dont want this promotion, along with the company car, 10k bonus etc, because i dont like you, to your boss at work.... Most people, i know i wouldnt, would not be so stupid to turn it down, so why support another team just because you.

So posting posts that aim at gaining support for another team, as so to try and benefit our team, dont really rub off on me... so to all of the people who do.... PLEASE DON''T......GO AND FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE, PERHAPS THE OFFICIAL DERBY COUNTY BOARD WOULD BE MORE APPROPRIATE?? CAUSE THEY AREN''T REALLY WELCOME HERE.....

Now that I have said this I will be tarnished as a KTF person by all the Worthy Outers... DONT EVEN SUGGEST IT.

I am a loyal, long serving fan who wants to see Norwich City doing well, but feels that supporting other teams is not the way to go about it.


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Hi Scouse,

Firstly, I don''t think you need to worry about your location and

game-viewing frequency making your points invalid, there are plenty of

people on these boards from around the country, some who may not have

seen Norwich for years, and their views are just as valid as everyone

else''s - it''s called an opinion and we''re all entitled to one.

However I think you''re tarring us all with a very broad brush here - I

think it is only a minority who have said it we should be supporting

Derby at the weekend, and I for one will be there on Saturday cheering

Norwich City along as normal.

What I think these people are trying to say - and it is something that

crossed my mind with the score locked at 1-0 last night and Brighton

all over us - is that maybe a draw last night would have been a good

thing for the long-term future of the club.

Think of it this way - imagine things had gone differently last

night.  Imagine that Brighton, with their lowly-league status and

their ten men, had actually got an equaliser against us.  Imagine

they''d even gone on and scored the winner.  Would it then be

possible that Worthy, and the Board, may have started to ask questions

of themselves? And maybe, just maybe, Worthy would have got the hint

and walked away?

This is the scenario people are pondering.  I think you can

guarantee that everyone on this board will be behind the team come


And lets put a counter-argument to your analogy.

Your boss has offered you a company car, a pay rise, and 10k bonuses a

year - but told you that you wouldn''t be able to progress any further

for at least ten years, and that those years were likely to be

extremely boring and only your boss getting sacked would precipitate an

improvement.  Would you take the job then? I certainly wouldn''t!

Because that''s the more realistic scenario Norwich fans are being faced with...

And to be perfectly honest, if I didn''t like my boss and was offered

those things you say, I really would think twice, and would likely turn

it down because I''m a man of morals who likes to think of the bigger


And what if your boss turned out to be Beelzebub himself?  Well, I

work for Norwich Union, so I already know what that''s like... ;-)

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i want to see nortwich win every match, but can see where people are coming from.  lose a couple now for the good of the club...

yesterday was a prime example of a result papering over the cracks..  1 nil up and outplayed by 10 poor footballers from brighton, we then score 2 undeserved goals at the end to give the scoreline a totally unrealistic feel...  everyone goes home happy...  well everyone apart from those who realise we played NO better than at any time in 2006, but the opposition was poor AND down to 10 men....

I would love us to win all 13 matches to the end of the season and make the play-offs, but if we play like we havbe in the past 33 matches we will get nowhererr near.  and hell if this continues next season.........

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i suggest if you had sat in the terrible atmosphere at carra rd last nite, you''d at least understand why some fans wanted to see city lose last nite.  some fans even gave encouragement when brighton mounted an attack.  this is how bad it is and it is the reality of the situation, no pretence, no faking.every fan attending carra rd wants the same thing for city success - and supporting other teams is not the way to go about it in an ideal world, but many people now see a losing run as the only way to dislodge worthy.  certainly, the city players looked like they were playing a typical  end of season match with nothing to play for - not even the job of their boss. certainly,  the way they played the 2nd half, looked like whatever worthy said 1/2 time made no difference.

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I completely agree scouse! I started a thread on here a while ago stating that wanting Norwich to lose was  not in the spirit of supporting a football team even if it would mean Worthy getting the sack. It is difficult to know what to think at the moment because us keep winning the odd game, it seems to prolong the agony without any sign of a change being implemented. It appears we do need to keep losing for Worthy to be sacked but I would never wish us to lose or be hapy if we lost! What is a fan to do eh??

This is probably a stupid question but could someone please explain what KTF is?? Cheers!

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