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Are Everton showing us the way>??

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Idly thinking on my way to work this morning that Everton have had a very topsy-turvy period under the stewardship of David Moyes, and yet they have stuck by their man and are now looking upwards not downwards.

Like Everton we have suffered a bad season for injuries and the number of ins and outs this season has meant that a team has not been moulded from the squad. Some of Worthys buys look to be poor which has not helped his cause.

What do people think?? I just wonder, if Worthy were able to play the same team week in, week out for the rest of this season, which would represent the most consistent period of available squad memebers all season, would people be prepared to temper their greivances by looking at the performances in those matches.

Before I get jumped on here, I''m not advocating that all is rosy at the club, nor am I saying that things have gone as well as we all would hope. Lets just say that I feel the time is right for a change but that I am not prepared to take part in the witch hunt that some of you are. I would be happy to thank Worthy for his contribution and for the ecstacy of 2 years ago. However, I am prepared to take into account mitigating circumstances.

He has built one team worthy of promotion, can he do it again?

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Good post Rieg,

Can he do it again? Possibly but I somehow doubt it. It will have to happen next season with the parachute payment, if not we will probably have to significantly rebuild (again).

Although Worthy deserved great praise for the promotion season he had some very helpful circumstances which many people overlook e.g.

  • a substantial, solid, core of players who had been at the club for a few years - the promotion push was made very much on the back of those players.
  • Luck (lots) with injuries
  • Luck (again) with the Board scrambling money together to get the loans in and then again (with fans help) to buy Hucks, Leon and Svennson.

Worthy is into his 6th year in charge, few managers have the achievements, slide back and then successfully rebuild. I think too much water has pased under the bridge and I don''t think things will ever be quite the same between the fans and manager. Mind you fans are nothing if not fickle so maybe................ 


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