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Pukki - one last payday?

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Are we deluded to think it's a given that Pukki will just want another season in the Championship on reduced wages?

His loyalty can't be questioned by Norwich fans and neither can the fact he scores goals with so little opportunity and this is highlighted by the company he keeps in the PL top scorers list below even in the most depressing season for a decade.

I would say more than most, Pukki is clearly a family man and also an intelligent man and the negativity surrounding every Norwich performance will clearly be making the enjoyment of playing for us somewhat reduced.

Add to that, we are in a world cup year (we all know the comments from his national coach after our last relegation) Are we going to see Pukki want to move to a team to secure not only premier league football for himself either as a back up at higher level team (Leicester / West Ham) which he clearly has the talent for, or a side with finance such as Fulham and secure one last big pay day on a longer contract at that wage.

For me, I wouldn't begrudge him and although I would be absolutely gutted I don't think it's as unlikely as a lot of people seem to think.



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