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Did Farke freeze out certain players ?

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Certainly Trybull, Leitner, Drmic and Sorensen seemed to be ignored. Along with Placheta.

I doubt any of us will know why the first three were shut out. Sounds like they had a falling out rather than a lack of ability. The latter two came in today and did OK. In fact the back two did exceedingly well, given I doubt they have played together much as a back pair.  There then begs the thought of was Cantwells absence down to him, of Farke ? As for all his success we didn't half go through some players, who for whatever reason, didn't come up to scratch.

As much as this might seem as having a go at Farke. Ot os not. What is done is done. No one can take away the two titles. And maybe with those three back in the fold and the club pushing out for a striker in January we can look forward to staying up. Because with some of the 'B' team out there today we done ourselves proud.

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