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Was sacking Farke the right decision? (poll)

Were we right to sack Farke?  

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  1. 1. Were we right to sack Farke?

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I'd press the Yes, but not yet button. Should have been held off until December as to get (to already worded up) KK in straight away. It happens, we're obviously just to nice. 

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9 hours ago, Hank shoots Skyler said:

Knowing that we went through with it, I really thought we were sacking him on the basis someone good was already lined up (Spurs took about 2 days to hire Conte, and Villa landed Gerrard after 4 days). We’ll be 6 days after sacking Farke tomorrow and still no announcement. It made total sense with someone ready in this way, but without it, and with some pretty underwhelming options being considered, I can’t help but feel I wish we stuck it out just a little longer.

My first point here is that the majority of the supposed candidates haven't been revealed by the club, it's based on media and bookies odds rather than confirmed information. I fully believe they may well have spoken to Lampard and also possibly Dean Smith, but nobody knows for sure what the actual shortlist looks like or what conversations may or may not have taken place since Farke was removed.

Secondly, in response to the above point you made Hank, much of this can come down to multiple factors such as whether or not the new manager may already be domestically based, what contracts they may have with an existing club and gaining permission to speak to them, and the all important situation of organising the backroom staff to come with them. Some managers will already have a clear view of who'd they'd like with them, but this doesn't always mean it's a simple case of asking them and they leave their current employer the same day.

Let's say we have approached Favre, he wanted time out of the game to recharge, and may also want to consider who he'd like to bring with him, and then begin the negotiations to get them if possible, and none of that is an overnight scenario.

I think we'd all have liked a shorter time frame for answers here, but if we take an extra few days, or even an extra week, but it brings in the manager we want, surely that's more important than rushing to announce someone isn't it? Let's face it, most of the players are on international duty, so there wasn't going to be much interaction between them and the new manager in the short-term anyway regardless of who it may be.

As tough as it is, I'd urge patience and hope that the delay is because we're simply working through complications to get the person we truly want, rather than a scenario where the club are flapping and don't know who to bring in despite sacking Farke.

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