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On 27/10/2021 at 08:45, Jersey Canary said:

I agree. 
If it was me I’d play 4231 with Gilmore in the Stiepermann position with Cantwell coming on as sub in the second half. As I’ve said before the only way I see Cantwell adding to our season is by playing further up the pitch where he can do less damage to our defence.  

Who is this Gilmore you keep mentioning? He sounds quite decent. Is he better than Gilmour?


Is it Happy Gilmore? - as he could indeed play 'in the hole' 

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12 minutes ago, canarybubbles said:

This week his back is injured. Shall we have a raffle about which part of his anatomy will be hurt next week?

Let's hope it's a smokescreen to confuse Bielsa, who is notorious for needing the low down on the opposition after all.

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