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A Christmas Appeal

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In these days of joy and merriment it can be so easy to forget others less fortunate than ourselves. Many will only see the coming days of fun as a harsh reminder of how bleak and miserable their lives are. For some desperate souls huddled out in the open on cheap plastic seats, wrapped up against the cold in poorly made clothing with nothing but the ever lengthening silence to keep them company joy and celebration will be long forgotten words.

So how can you help ?

Well if you are going to Poorman Rd take plenty of spare money. Wave it around. Let others know that their suffering is not universal. Hold the notes aloft and see the delight spread across the tired faces of the underpriviliged. For many the last time that such amounts of money were seen at their club was when one of their own, young Mr Marshall returned to collect his monthly pay cheque.

For many this may not be enough and some will feel the need to find their old monopoly games and take out the yellow and green notes to throw about Poorman Rd with such delight as only the sheer delight of helping others can enduce.

Make this sunday a fun day

This appeal was brought to you by

Gloating at the Binners a non registered charity

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