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After leaning over the 'Farke Out' fence in the immediate aftermath of the weekend, I have simmered down and even managed to provide myself with some derranged form of optimism. Well, I'm still not actually optimistic but feel slightly less negative about it all.


Less  negative point 1 - We have played 7 of the current top 10, plus Watford (weird bogey team) and Burnley away (a notoriously difficult place to go).


Less negative point 2 - From the corresponding fixtures in 2018/19 we have done better in 3/9 (ARS (A); BUR (A); BHA (H)), worse in 4/9 (LIV (H); LEI (H); EVE (A); CHE (A)) and the same in 2/9 (MCY (A); WAT (H)). From my recollection, at the time 2 years ago we were all saying it's not about the games against the bigger teams but the games against the teams around us. We have, so far, done better at that this season. Plus, the wins agains Everton and Leicester could be viewed as 'bonus' points, the points you're not really expected to make but always get a few each season - they're just yet to happen this season (I say with devine belief... I think).


Less negative point 3 - We were in the games against Leicester, Arsenal, Everton, Burnley and Brighton. I can't comment on Watford as I didn't see that one but I'm sure someone else would llike to clear that up. We have, again, fallen on the wrong side of results which naturally, is very annoying.


Less negative point 4 - We were woeful on Saturday, truly truly woeful. However, I also remember feeling rather abjected in Farke's first season in the Championship. We didn't play well that season, however, Webber stated we really weren't far off finding 'it' in terms of the numbers and then 'it' suddenly clicked the season after. In the PL last time, we played well and were in most games and were considered the 'best team to be relegated' despite our points total and ignoring the final 5 games of the season when we were terrible. We couldn't score and we couldn't defend. At least we appear to have perhaps corrected the defending this time around (against teams around us) and I feel like we are getting close to the click. Perhaps the half-time formation switch on Saturday is the way to go to get more attacking whilst having the defensive resolve? 3-4-3 / 5-2-3. But with Tzolis/Todd/Rashica supporting Pukki or Sargaent. Who knows, but I feel we are close. And this is trademark Farke, if the system doesn't work we look terrible but once we have it then we suddenly look good, it's just that missing piece and then maybe we'd be more competitive.


Less negative point 5 - The next 5 games are huge, there's simply no understating that. In the corresponding fixtures last time (swapping Leeds for Bournmouth and Brentford for Villa), we took 4 points. Whilst it is tempting to take the plunge now and go in a new direction in a desperate bid ahead of the next 5, equally, what if we did find the magic link this week? I think Farke deserves that chance, he looks like he is trying to learn and adapt from mistakes last time and that is encouraging. It didn't work last time so why go with the same failed methods?


So for now, I'm climbing down the fence. Of course that will probably change if the next month doesn't go well!


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