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protest outside City Stand

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If the official word is there were 150 there, then of course there were only 150, no club official came out to count us, it seemed a lot more anyway, at least for the first hour.

Protests never start out with thousands there, but there are a lot of very unhappy Norwich supporters wanting something done about the dismal football we are all witnessing.  IMO that means the sacking of the manager and coaches and a new manager brought in to change things fundamentally - starting with us playing passing football again.

Today, as many other times this season, we were shocking.  Dire, not up for it, whatever you want to say.  We were second to the ball, we simply didn''t want it as much as Ipswich.

There comes a time in every fan''s life when you have to say enough is enough. Seems like that point was reached for a lot of people today. Not only those who stayed to protest, but the general unrest around the ground.  I am realistic to know nothing will come of protesting tonight, nor maybe this season, but the board have to know that a lof of us, maybe thousands, have had enough of our club being dragged down to these unacceptable levels by a manager completely out of his depth, however well intentioned he might be.


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