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ive just watched it all over again and analysed how bad we were!

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sadly i watched that again as a forfeit as my other half is a blue! fair play to her they deserved it but i made a few notes as follows:

etuhu took 15 mins to touch the ball and then only touched it 9 times, only 2 of those went to a teammate.

best 2 efforts of first half came from ipswich defenders, says it all really.

took 17 mins of 2nd half for somebody to shoot, safri free kick over the bar.

only 1 corner went to a city player.

hux only touched ball 9 times every time wilnis beat him.

every tackle we were 2nd best when we won one we conceded a foul.

earnshaw stopped and went backwards every time, why?

high ball to earnshaw all the time why?

we defend far to deep.

from all the above it is obvious that the manager and his coaching staff are bereft of ideas and the players dont want to play for him, however he says he undertsands the fans frustration but will not quit!


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I wouldn''t want you to suffer unduly baldyboy but I would be interested to know what the individual possession stats were for the Norwich midfield players. That is to say how many passes wnt to a teammate. I assume Etuhu''s ''touches'' were passes (or knock-ons) and if only 2 out of 9 went to a City player then he would have approximately a 22% success rate.

People like Roy Keane and Patrick Viera used to average about 70-75%.

A reasonable average for any decent midfield player is around 55-65%.

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