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Rudolph Hucker

Credit to Ipswich.

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There is a lot of it on this message board along with the acknowledgement that they are a very ordinary side who at least try to play football.

I asked myself why this is, after all they are the old enemy.

I came up with the conclusion that whatever their shortcomings we  recognised an HONEST side (forget the handball and diving nonsense'' that isn''t the honesty I am referring to) who gave of their best.

Our lot tried to kick lumps out of them but they just kept trying to play football.

And being honest back, they earned our respect today tinged with a little bit of envy and a yearning for the Malkys and Roberts.

Now, we have players I suspect who many of us are finding it difficult to take to (putting it politely) players who we feel represent poor value for money and a poor cost to success ratio and the desire to see young players used is equally a desire to see a return to honest virtues.

I have never known Norwich supporters to be so lacking in bonding with their team which again is another reason for all the affection being lavished on a perceived scapegoat like McVeigh.

Premiership football can be very damaging.

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Well done Rudolph but careful, any more posts like this and you will have the fury of Mad Dan flying down on you (you''re obviously a Binner in disguise of course!).

I have been given the EADT today by an Ipswich colleague (and good friend) and not having read this comic before  was expecting a load of anti Norwich stuff. They have a fans column (like our Richard Balls I think). The guy is Steve Mellen. He is clearly anti Norwich but I thought his article was excellent, hard hitting and spot on. These are some of his comments:

''In the middle of the park Youssef Safri and Andy Hughes came up against an Irish teenager also developed on the pitches of Playford Road, and got a lesson in how to pull the strings''   Can''t argue with that, more relevant would have been to mention Ethu - oops but then again he was totally anonymous (again!)

''The two teams are going in different directions formwise - Norwich have''nt won a game in 2006 - and off the pitch, despite our financial problems,Ipswich''s youth policy has outstripped the Canries and then some''  Agreed!

''It was kick and rush against passing football, over rated signings against teenagers, Academy products and loan signings, and the team without two pennies to rub together outclassed a side which, if you based it on money shelled out alone, should be challenging the top two'' . Getting a bit bored now but, again, agreed!   

''Having seen yesterday''s game, I don''t blame Dean Ashton for leaving, he must have got neck ache watching the ball sail over his head all afternoon''  - I think this is what we have all said for a long, long time and surprise, surprise Ashton has flown the nest to join a ''footballing'' side.

Finally, ''some classy moments from Safi aside, Norwich played some woeful football'' 

Very depressing but the Binner has summed it up perfectly.


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