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SSDD again?

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Same, S**t, Different, Day !!!




Season ticket holder, only missed 2 games at home all season.


We can''t pass the ball, We Go Long to much, We have Earny and Mcviegh (the two match sponsors), long ball is no good at all for them!

Its the same old stuff that has been said all season long.

NOBODY can come on this forum and say that out of all our midfielders of : JARRET, HUGHES, ETUHU, ROBINSON, SAFRI, MCVIEGH. that not one of them can PLAY-MAKE the ball. They have all come from half decent sides, they have had time to gel.

To me its the ''same old, same old'' tatics - Sit TOO DEEP, Midfielders just in front of defense, Too many floating back spinning long balls from dury and the Doc, Lets give it to Hucks - hes a God and can beat them all, so don''t bother helping him either, Lets all go over to one side like sunday league teams and let the goaly kit it up to a target man be it thorne or Johanson. SORRY if its getting boring but this is what has happen all season.

You all know it, its been posted around 150 times. We all moan and want worthy out, or nearly out, or, ''well hes won us the title'' so he must be ok still.

I am at a loss, I''m fed up, Worthy will be here to the end of the season, we will finish 10th. Lets hope next season is better.


Perhaps we should get NEIL ADAMS for the manager, his post match rant was quite good on Sunday. What could be worse?


Cheers All

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so that will be 1 point from 10th, or 7 points from 10th on Saturday at 5pm?


Errrrrrrrrr? I think we can beat HULL, but then again after the season so far.... I don''t know.


Maybe if we lob it up to eanry he might get a lucky bounce and then run on to score, Yes ... I can see it now.

HULL 4 Norwich 1.

Cheers all

Negative but true!!

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