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Lets give Worthy a game!

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Would''nt it be interesting to have Worthy himself play a game in midfield for us? Lately it would''nt hurt our performance any and would''nt it just give him some idea of how hard Norwich seem to make life for themselves. Balls pinging over his head vainly looking for our strikers to win. Passes to him going miles astray forcing him to track back and then when he gets the ball, no one working to give him space to pass to.

Just think he deserves it really.

(For the record, it may be that the boss really is trying to instill a confident, passing attacking game and that his players are just making him look silly. Well then don''t play them. I''m sure that 25,000 fans would all rather see a young lad given his chance to try and play football than a professional who can''t pass 10 yards. Ipswich seem to be doing it alright)

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