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Rebuilding costs

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Several people have posted the names of players who would not be missed, and who should go at the end of the season. We caould all do this, and we might be left with a dozen or so players we felt were good enough.Ah well, they feel, think of all the wages we would save, - wages which could pay for perhaps fewer but better players.WRONG! Unless players contracts run out in 2006, we would have to do what we have done before over the past few years - buy out the contracts of underperforming players. There would not be much saving of wages.And where would the money come from to replace them? We want better players! Our record recently on finding bargains has not been good - hence the need for so many loan players.Unless we find a rich backer, there will not be much money to spare, certainly not enough for the 8 or 10 being proposed for disposal.WHAT IS REQUIRED:Patience - the team can''t be rebuilt quickly. It will have to be done gradually. We don''t need short-term fixes.Shrewdness - searching out bargains of real quality - not wasting money on motormen who muscled us about in a game a few years back. This means being in the market quickly after the season for out of contract players. It also means finding some new scouts!Imagination - spotting very young players, and if by the stupid Wilkinson rule we have a very thin catchment area then we have to spot promise in youngsters being released by other clubs. Zamora weas lost to us, and several others, even Haynes who damaged us on Sunday had a trial with us, according to a poster. Our record with youth is not good, in regular quantity,  but it will certainly not be enhanced by an attitude which will not give youth a chance until they are middle-aged!Flexibility - The manager is subjected to friendly criticism in the joke that for some reason best known to himself he likes to play everyone out of position, and elderly backs in the midfield!  Perhaps there is something in this, however, if it is a real willingness to adapt and change.A few years back somebody decided that Jason Shackle was too tall to be a midifielder, - the result was an outstanding central defender.There may be other qualities required. But if you accept something like the list ,the question is to what extent the present management show these traits?  My feeling is "not very much"!

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