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Northern Yella

A Mid Table Championship Side

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    Okay, what I''m going to right is what I''m feeling at the moment....Yesterday''s performance was an utter disgrace, we were playing Ipswich Town our most bitter rivals and we showed no attac king ambition, we sat off their pretty midfielders and let them play and ball watched. We then proceded to try and play an ill fated counter attacking style which meant we constantly gave the ball away, and consequently sunk deeper and deeper. And then Worthington has the nerve to say we didn''t pass the ball well enough, it was his tactics that caused this, not the players! Utter rubbish, Royle got his tactics just right, Worthy hasn''t got a clue. I mean I think most of us could have done a better team talk, and showed better tactical knowledge than he did yesterday. What did we need to do? Get stuck into their midfielders, push their defensive line back so they couldn''t play the offside, and ourselves control the game and set the tempo from the midfield. We did none of the sort, in the second half we watched them. If we had showed some ambition we could have won quite easily, but to be honest Worthy has bought some absolutely shocking centre mids in the last couple of months!He has to go, we have to stand up as Norwich fans and say enough is enough! We have gone from a very promising footballing side, to a distinctly average one. The situation is by no means terminal, but we have to act now. When was the last time I could say honestly that Ipswich deserved to beat Norwich? And that is what I had to say, Very Sad day against, make no mistake about it, a very average, ordinary Ipswich side, in fact the worst for many a year, MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

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