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Making Plans

Two pints of lager & a packet of crisps.

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In keeping with the new FA directive of having games start according to the home sides ability, Norwich will in future play all homes on a Sunday morning. Said a spokensman, "Norwich are an average pub side, and their Manager has about as much tactical awareness as your average Pub side Manager. This is the first example of this exciting new initiative which will enable fans to identify more closely with their Club. If successful, then this scheme could be rolled out to all Championship Clubs next season."

Said a Norwich spokesman, "We are very proud and honoured to have been selected for this new development and I think that today we have clearly demonstrated that we have entered fully into the spirit of the idea. The Board, Manager and Players are to be commended on all their hard work this week getting used to the new training routines, brought in by Nigel, of darts, pool and cribbage. A few players took a while to grasp the relevance of these games but we feel they are an important stepping stone to learning more about the finer points of football. Given a bit more time, I''m sure that we can develop these skills even more and the lads will be back in training as soon as the pub opens in the morning."

Said new signing Robert Earnshaw "This week has been a really refreshing change and in many ways it has reminded me of when I used to play for The Firkin Useless Arms ten years ago, when the result was never that important. As long as you had time to have a few beers with your mates after the game, got home in time to have your Sunday dinner and then settle down to watch the proffessionals on Sky at 4pm, then you''d had a good day. I think I''m going to like it here".



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