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The Great Drinkell

Teams like us just shouldn't have money.

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After what can only be discribed as a poor weekend/season it occurred to me that teams like ours can''t handle big money and with it high expectation.

 I include in this catagory Ipswich, Leicester, Derby etc.

 We are good at poducing youngsters through our respective systems and selling these on to helpthe major players.Look at the fine job worthington did with very little money his purchases then were very good Dury, Holt, Mackay etc. These are all decent players but are all still trying to prove themselves and a club like Norwich are just the job. They knit together and .... well look back 2/3 years to se the result.

 Then we have a higher expectation level and as such buy "better" players and/or a big name. these type of players need a different style of management this is where these clubs struggle. Look at Burley down the road great success until he started splashing the cash, Peter Taylor at Leicester (now rebuilding again with Hull) and the list goes on.

 If we are going to move forward we would need a manager with a big name or reputation who could handle the bigger players.

Alternatively we go back to what we are good at and bring through good footballers who will give there all for this club and entertain us.

Just a thought.

 This is not intended as a Worthy in/out debate more a reflection on the club as a whole.The club I will continue to support

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