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Canary Poirot

It's time we had some leaders on the pitch

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A lot has been said about how the confidence of our players is being eroded by the hostile atmosphere at Carrow Road at the moment. Well, I say, as the crowd-player relationship is a two way thing, with the players getting the crowd going and vice versa, it''s time some of our players began to emerge as real leaders on the pitch. I don''t mean the shouting and geeing up kind. They''re useful. But they don''t get the crowd going. What we need are players who are big enough to take responsibility on the pitch, to take the game to the opposition. Start playing really aggressively, winning 60-40 tackles in the oppositions favour, putting their head in where it hurts making sure the opposition knows they''re in for a game. Start taking risks, start playing with passion and pace. By one or two of our players walking on the pitch and making the mental decision to play as if their life depended on it, and to take the game by the scruff of the neck. That would lift the crowd like nothing else. And that would then lift the rest of the team. One or two players could then lift the rest of the team to up their game. We need leaders. We need the players to begin to take responsibility. It''s time, NCFC 1st 11,  to show what you''re made of.

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