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nevermind, neoliberalism has had it

slowly killing via the justice system

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I know that some of you here have medical insight/qualifications and I am now so incensed about Lady Dorians judgement and sentencing of Craig Murray for the untested and or reasoned charge of 'jigsaw identification of complainers who lied to the Scottish court, that I have to bring it to your attention.

The publication of the names of these complainers by Dani Garevelli and Kirsty Wark aside, they are gate keepers withing the MSM who are not touched by this political persecution of somebody who jumped through hoops in his reporting not to name these complainants.

Lady Dorian, and the other two judges that heard the contempt of court case, are all partial to the complainants names and more, they have not recused themselves from judging Craig, indeed they assume that he 'positively relished' the jigsaw as it was easy for them to know their names.

Such emotional value assumptions are not part of a judgement, nor are their philosophical assumptions of what can be construed as jigsaw identification in a contempt of court case.

Craig Murray is not a healthy man, he sleeps on a bed that is lowered at the head end and raised at his feet due to suffocating acid re-flux. He suffers from Pulmonary Hypertension and is bipolar, so how is it possible that he is getting a jail sentences for a first time offense, age 62, when a community service and or fine would have sufficed.

He should be going to Madrid standing witness for the spying that has been carried out on him and anybody else who visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, by the CIA. Lady Dorian knew this and she also knew of his illnesses, saying that' she had taken his health limitations and needs for medical support into consideration when giving him 8 month for this farce.

Craig has taken the extraordinary step to publicise his medical record on his blog for all to see, with his doctors statements and much more. This political much delayed judgement and sentence is sadistic in its nature and designed to keep others, not in the loop as Kirsty Wark and that  gob****e Garevelli, from ever daring to publish the truth in a court.

take care



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