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true supporters have best interests of the club at heart

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some fans want city to lose today and the next game after that, and as many as it takes to see worthy removed from office.  call it mutiny, revolution, whatever - but if fans have arrived at the position that worthy should go and the board is resisting - then their only recourse is to express their opinion, write letters, protest, vote with their feet and not renew their tickets etc. after mumby''s declaration of support, it will probably take city losing the next 2-3 games for the board to act and sack nigel - some fans would regard wanting to see city lose as having the best interests of the club at heart in this situation.  if you hold this opinion it doesn''t make you any less of a fan, make no mistake, its a real and honourable position to take in any transition or overthrow.  loyalty is a two way street, and i think the board and nigel have lost the loyalty of many fans and indeed are being disloyal to the future of NCFC by continuing with him as manager.  They are gambling and putting the fantatsic spirit within the club at risk.   if the protests become bigger, what damage could be done between the board and the fans - how bitter and sour could the tatse become?i believe the board and worthy have put their loyalty to each other ahead of the best interests of city and certainly ahead of the fans.  if losing breaks up the partnership, then yes - i would like to see us lose until worthy goes.  (having said that, he''ll probably win 5 on the bounce and foley will land one on my chins - but it still wouldn''t make what i believe wrong).

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