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Rudolph Hucker


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I had a conversation today with a source I will not name and discussed confidence is sport.

As in life in general it is crucual, but there was another element which I had not specifically considered but have alluded to in comments on some players and that is ATTITUDE.

By attitude I mean the individuals in a team or squad who look to blame others ahead of themselves or feel they have nothing to prove within the team framework.

I think this is what Worthy has been wrestling with all season. I suspect Dean (disruptive influence) Ashton was in this category although I am unsure about Huckerby.

Certainly your Flemings, Drurys and Hughes do not come under such a heading and this is probably why Worthy sticks with them.

As for Etuhu, he looks like he has poor attitude, but Worthy bought him after a trial period. Was this really just a stab in the dark too and a loan with a condition to buy. If so it is poor and desperate management.

Players we lost: Mackay, Roberts and Holt all had good attitude. Worthington certainly has a strong attitude and work ethic and I now believe this is the element he has struggled to deal with in his players.

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