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hucks would be the last of the jigsaw

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hucks would be the perfect ansaw with the mix we have at present we would be a very powerfull team with the last major signing and i would not rule out more signings worths got the bit between his teeth and so have the board by the sounds of things, .i would hope the board go all out to get somewere to the wages he wants. £12 grand a week is a somwhat drop if the reports are true from what i know that is someway far higher than anyone getting at present at carrow''as this would quickely be replace by our spot in the promised land.i would ask all the fans on boxing day who like me cannot afford a £100 of shares to put in the buckets as much as poss to help the cause and show the board we back them all the way in the quest for the promise land.////////// ps did the lads who got stuck on the train at diss get there for any of the game or did they have to listen on the train i bet that was some party if so//

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