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Rudolph Hucker


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13 Games left (just over a quarter of the season)

7 home matches and 6 away

10 points needed for a relegation safe 50 points

We will lose all the remaining away games

Therefore we need 10 points from 7 home games at an average of 1.42 points per game

Season average per game=1.18

Last six league games 4 defeats and 2 draws at an average of 0.33 points per game

Average required per remaining games=0.76

A draw today keeps Worthington in his job and the next two home games (which I will miss) are crucial.


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We are now using our emergency chute.......................

Old joke: Chap leaps out of aircraft at 22.000 feet, he freefalls for 20.000 and pulls his main chute, nothing happens!? he then pulls his emergency - and again nothing happens?......... The ground is rapidly approaching and then suddenly, a chap, semi - naked and his remaining clothing all tattered and smoking, is just passing him powering skyward.........He says to the ascending chap "Hey mate, do you know anything about parachutes?" The chap immediately replies "Nah, sorry mate! Do you know anything about gas ovens?" ;~)

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