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The Worthless is now meaningless

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Norwich manager Nigel Worthington said:
"It is a good point from the players'' point of the view because we worked the ball really well all game.

Which game was that then?

"If you''ve been in the game a long time like me you keep plugging away until the final minute.

Trouble is you don''t start until the eightieth minute

We were patient and we deserved a point."

Excellent, proper attacking attitude

"It was an injustice had we lost but I was delighted with the overall performance - it was a good result."

It appeared most of the game we would lose (again) and you must surely be easily pleased and as for the result IT WAS HULL!!

Delia, please please please get rid of this managerial buffoon, how anyone can comment as he has following another drab and dismal result is beyond me and it concerns me that you the board all appear more than happy with our lot.

Where did passion and wanting to win go.

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