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Its All Over NOW!!!

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If the Ipsh** game didn''t convince you then the Hull result must have done.

We are closer to the drop zone than the Playoffs!

Palace have 53 points and a game in Hand. (6th)

Brighton (up next) have 29 points (22nd)

We have just 40!


Oh dear, we really are C**P. Like many others in here I have slated the boss, the players, the board for this ever since after the opening 6 games.

Remember that? 3 home games = 9 points. Forteress Carrrow Road!

I have also praised Worthy and the players at the Xmas Period revival, Manager of the Month, Sheffield Utd wins away. Remember that!

I have also stated that Earny, Rehmen, Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson are not bad signings with Earny being the best.

BUT ........................

I now feel cheated. How long do we have to moan and groan for until something is done. The Norwich team on paper is one of the best in the Champonship. If this is the case then it must be down to tatics, motivation, fitness and commitment to the manager for the performances to improve and play-off postions to ever happen. This will never happen this season now! The time has come for Delia and Co to finally make a dessicion like that of Rangers. End this misery. Start the long look for a successor to Worthy. You have until the end of the season.

If Worthy is at Norwich at the Start of next season I will be amased. I we stay in midtable (as I have stated - about 10th) and worthy is still the manager then many players may lose heart come the summer and jump ship.

Remember - Hughes/Etuhu/Robinson/Huckerby/Earny etc ... ARE NOT BAD PLAYERS... they were never bad before. They just need the right boss.

Oh well, I will renew my season ticket. As this is the rollacoster of Football that all clubs go through. Just look at Millwall! FA cup Final and play-offs not that long ago!

The problem is do I want to lose to Brighton, or as my heart says ... Come on City!

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I have been undecided on renewal although I really like my seat.....

Yesterday I spent my season ticket money on something nice for myself...I am now wondering if that is it and I no longer care....call me fickle, I don''t care, but NCFC have to earn their income and a large proportion of their supporters will invest their time and income elsewhere and they won''t know it is happening until it is too late.

Once people find other uses for their money and time it is difficult to get them back because football attending is a HABIT, how else do you explain it.

There will be no problem getting casual tickets next year.

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