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Its in your hands

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You, we all want Worthy out, well the immediate future is in your hands, whatever the Brighton result you have to assemble behind the dressing room and make your feelings known in no uncertain manner.  Will you do it, probably not.  I suspect a positive result against Brighton will let Worthy of the hook again.

Personally I am making my own stand by not giving the club another penny until he goes, but I will be with you in spirit i.e. those who take some positive action.  One win against the relegation haunted Brighton will not make up for this appalling season or for those to come.  I trust you to make things happen, won''t be holding my breath though.

Does anyone remember our last home game v Brighton when they were relegated about 3 years ago, well they won that one at Carrow Rd, another Brighton win not out of the question, if this happens a very large, voiceferous turnout is demanded.

Sincerely part time stay at home supporter, get the job done lads for mym your and the clubs sake.

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