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What are some tough football quiz questions you can come up

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Please type the question in bold.This way you can avoid looking at the answers by mistake

Clues to questions(if someone asks) can also be written in bold

Please don't give away the answer unless someone gets it right

Few questions I got from the internet.

  1. Which club can boast the most number of total wins in the top flight of English football?

  2. Which club has the dubious distinction of having r https://omegle.onl/ ecorded the most losses overall in the top flight?

  3. Which two clubs have the most top flight league titles, with 18.

  4. Which four clubs hold the joint record for winning three consecutive top flight league titles.

  5. Which club has appeared in the top flight for the most seasons, 107 in total?

  6. Which player scored the first ever Premier League goal?

  7. Which player turned TV pundit holds the record for the most career top-flight goals, with 357?

  8. Name the Premier League’s oldest and youngest goalscorers?

  9. Which goalkeeper holds the record for the most consecutive Premier League appearances?

  10.   vshare Which current player has played for the most clubs in the Premier League, eight in total?

  11. Which three players have each scored five goals in a Premier League game?

  12. Which Tottenham and England player holds the record for the fastest Premier League goal scored?

  13. Which club holds the Premier League record for both the biggest home win and biggest away win?

  14. Who is the only player to have scored in every Premier League season since it launched in 1992?

  15. Which player holds the league record for the fastest goal by a substitute?

  16. What was unique about the goals scored in Aston Villa’s 2–2 draw, against Leicester City in 1976?

  17. Which club holds the dubious distinction of scoring the fewest goals and conceding the most goals in the Premier League – unfortunately in the same 38-game season?

  18. Which striker has scored the most goals in their debut season in the Premier League?

  19. Only one club in Premier League history has scored in every game in a season (2000-01), Which one?

  20. Which club has conceded the most Premier League goals ever?

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21 minutes ago, How I Wrote Elastic Man said:

Which club spent the 60's getting promoted from the 4th division to the 1st division and back again?



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