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*****Official Match Thread v Birmingham*****

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19 hours ago, City 101 said:

Will take a lot more millions than Delia has to turn this lot into a premiership team ,simply not good enough on any level and boring to watch with it .

Strange how the Premiership became the Premier League in 2001 co-incidentally about the same time that lot in IP1 were last in it.

Elementary slip there my dear Watson.....

Edited by ......and Smith must score.
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As I said 3 matches ago there is only a 6%chance of Norwich winning all 4 against the relegation candidates. So with 3 down it must be lump it on Wycombe not to lose on Sunday.

My friend Nate now has Norwich 90% to get promotion and I cant find a bookie to take a bet on Norwich going up. All looking good then.

Meanwhile somewhere in Poland lurks the fastest winger in the Championship or does he Cambridge? 

In 1972 I was at St Andrews in the first promotion to Div1 season and believe me the pitch has not got worse over the last 49 years. Unlike Birmingham who won 4-0 that day. It was in a snowstorm in early March but thats global warming for you. So on to Wycombe only previous league visit in the Lambert years (all Rangers fans are hoping he takes on Celtic) 1-0 to us anyone remember who scored for City - clue he now plays in the Championship.  

Ah happy days. In 10 days time it will be the first year without watching Norwich City since 1954. After Cheltenham and Anfield do you ever wonder why there wasnt a similar Covid outbreak from the trip to White Hart Lane? Given the crush at the exit and the tube journey I do. Must have been an antidote in Tim's water bottle.

See Crabby I can do emotional.

But the first 2 paragraphs are the most important

Goodbye xxx

PS - if you get offered a jab please have it done -it is good for all of us.











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