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susie b

The Ginger One's Alphabet Game

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After I had calmed down from the euphoria of the derby match win - well, a little bit, anyway, I had the chance to think a bit about tomorrow and our Darren''s meeting with WBA. It suddenly occured to me that Ginger''s trying to sign up an entire team of players whose names begin with the letter H. He''s currently got Haas, Horsefield, Hughes, Hoult and Hulse, and probably even a few others I could not name, and that is why he is so hell bent on signing Hucks. Rumour has it that he has even made some of his current squad sign new contracts with an additional clause in them stating that they either change their names by deed poll or risk being put on the transfer list with immediate effect. The same source of these totally fictitious rumours also claims that, with the team already playing at the Hawthorns, a race is on to change the name of the team...with Huge Heath ( a slur on near-neighbour''s Birmingham City''s original name) as one of the early favourites.

As with my earlier post about the weather forecast for today (whatever did happen to that snow they talked about?), I apologise for the flippant nature of the above. It is purely because being top at last feels so good, and yet again the other stuff is continuing to do my head in so I felt a bit of light relief was required. Well done everyone for today. I feel a large celebratory drink coming on!!!!!!

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