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Worthingtons Love Child

state of affairs

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I have to say that we as true supporters have been taken for a ride by our beloved club.We are really in the sh*t aren''t we?i mean the worst thing thats happened to us this season is for us to go on a five win run purely because it has kept nigel worthington (clown man) in a job, by winning we have guarenteed him his position until at least the end of the season.

i myself have never been a worthington fan (im not just jumping on the bandwagon neil adams!), ive said this before we got to the playoffs.

 Buying Etuhu really summed up his managerial ( supposed to be professional ) opinion of how to take this club forward, Etuhu looked like he was a besketball player plonked in the middle of a football field and told that he had to go out there and try his best, i think most sunday league players would have performed better than the performance he put in.it was shambolic and a disgrace to our club.Why did nigel worthington sign this player? why why why?

If Robinson is worth £50.000 then in comparison of value Etuhu is worth £250 and i tin of baked beans (tescos value too!)

We can all sit there week after week moaning about who is the right player in the right position but what we really need to do is look at whose controling these players! On paper we have a great side capable of winning the league and at least a top 6 side, we are performing with no passion ,its real lackluster to watch, we never look like scoring lately.



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