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Svens media circus

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   Is anyone getting fed up with the media circus that is going on around football now. It''s almost like a pack of wolves going after their next victim. How come no one has slated the news of the world for entrapment with poor old sven what a load of tossers they are. It''ll be the same for the next manager and the next as it was for svens predecessors. Who the hell would want to take on this job I just can''t see why any decent english manager would want to take all the crap that goes with the job or any other good manager in england.

   We football fans should make a stand and not buy this paper again or even send e-mails to their editor to let them know that we don''t want to read all this crap all the time. It''s the same with transfers for players they link every player with every club, then, when a player moves they then say that we told you first GGGRRRRR.

look at this shit


We pay BIG CASH, for BIG stories and TOP pictures


0800 279 3786

(Outside UK, please dial +44 20 7782 1001)


EMAIL your tips to newsdesk@notw.co.uk


  1. Call us on the above number or send us brief details via email. Please include your name and contact number (although you can remain anonymous if you wish).

  2. If appropriate, we will make you a financial offer for your story, which is payable conditional on publication. The amount you will receive will depend on the nature of the story. A major exclusive used on the front page could be worth many thousands of pounds, but a smaller item would be worth less. The News of the World abides by the Press Complaints Commission''s Code of Conduct, details of which can be found at www.pcc.org.uk. Under Article 14 of the Code the News of the World has a duty to protect the identity of confidential sources.

  3. Within 21 days of the story being published you will receive payment by cheque or electronic transfer.

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I thought the timing of Sven-Gate was poor by the NOTW, were they looking to disrupt the players before a world cup?  I really don''t care what he said and about whom he said it.  I really would be interested to hear the full recording as I would be interested to note if or how much Mahmood lead the conversation.

I would never normally buy the News of The World but I couldn''t resist the free copy of Highlander on DVD and the paper can be used in the cats litter tray.

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I''m sick and tired of hearing about Sven''s private life. He clearly can''t conduct himself properly for such a highly scrutinised role and the quicker he leaves the better. He''s paid a stupid sum of money for not doing that much and he certainly hasn''t got England playing to their full potential. I''d get him out today and bring in the new manager this week - I think that would be less disruptive for the world cup than the players knowing he might go anytime is he misbehaves again!!!

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