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Is it just me or has Rick Waghorns column been going downhill this season faster than a lead balloon??

In his latest "peice" he is having a go at rumour on messsage boards. There is a reason people half expect the andy gray rumours to be true Rick - he is EXACTLY the sort of player worthy has been bringing to the club recently.

Rick states

"Go out there in cyberland and not only is Gray en route, but the vast majority of you have already decided that he''s crap. And from there it is a short step to Gray being yet another example of Worthington''s wretched transfer policy." - well he has got one thing correct their: Worthington''s wretched transfer policy.

Most people on the websites have good sense to realise what is true, what is opinion and what is rumour, maybe he has been having trouble decyphering between these.

Word to the wise Rick how about reporting some opinions on Norwich City Football Club like you are paid to not reporting on a few message boards used by a minority of fans.....

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