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nevermind, neoliberalism has had it

ICC ruling inadequate and astonishing.

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Whilst we are still awaiting a social care policy as well as a mental health policy from this Government, for some 4 years now, they are pretty sure that all the efforts they made to remove and obscure the evidence of war crimes in Iraq have taken root in the ICC and its lame judgements. Ghana's judge Ms. Bensouda seems to think that if she regurgitates everything the MoD has prepared/investigated, that this will suffice.

It does not. Here is one of the finest journalism today, pulling the ICC's judgement apart and showing the deliberate omissions that have been presented as genuinely investigated, without any Iraqi evidence or statements, or interviews being carried out or presented as proof.

It is a fairly comprehensive article which will take some time to read and digest, but it does not show the ICC in a good light. It has pride itself on basing its Judgements and rigmarole on the Nuremberg Kangaroo court, not mine but the opinion of other more learned people.

But history is littered with rogues and when I said that the Hanse was the fore runner of today's EU, I also mean that these medieval merchants acted like the mafia, controlling prices, deliberating over people desperate to trade and acting with malice towards the competition. So Europe has got a long way to reform its judicial and democratic accountability, never mind their financial probity.

I have not seen anybody in the MSM write or show interest in looking into this Human rights report,  Craig on the other hand, has written an excellent report. Nobody is questioning the MOD's practices of letting inexperienced staff undertake their own investigation. It is another reason why I do not feel encouraged to become a UK subject. Can't afford it anyway.

wishing everyone a healthy and good spirited new Year....Enjoy...



and this is an article from Serbia which corroborate's what he has written.












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Thanks for posting that Nevemind. Looks like Blair et al gets off the hook. And that's because no government has the desire to push for the truth to come out in case they find themselves in a similar situation. Mind you, they don't mind throwing individual squaddies to the wolves from time to time in an attempt to deflect from politician's wrongdoings

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