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Jersey Canary

Swansea vs Reading

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I was watching the last 15 mins of this game at I was surprised that it was just a mirror of Norwich’s games mainly this season.  Teams parking the bus, often ponderous attacking, trying to walk the ball into the net, lack of pace. It made me realise the lack of quality in the EFL this season. 

The good news is we have our pacy players to come back and I still don’t think we’ve hit top form yet whereas I think the majority of the other teams are running at capacity.

Promotion is between us, Brentford, Bournemouth, Watford and maybe Swansea. 

Hopefully we can make some sensible signings in January (a goal poacher on loan, a LB etc) and we’ll be fine.


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I think it’s going to be interesting how Swansea cope with teams now sitting behind the ball against them as Norwich have had to all season, similarly teams playing Brentford won’t let Toney in behind. If they both cope with it then they will challenge for the title.

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