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rock bus

Buendia in the centre?

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It seems a mystery to me that we haven’t played Buendia in the central number 10  position.

Dowell may be a long term solution to that position but stieperman and vrancic certainly aren’t.

 Why not give Emi a go? He can then drift around more and have even less defensive responsibility. He would also be in a more advanced position so his tricky stuff does more damage and is also less risky if he does lose the ball.

 Admittedly this may work better when we have Plachetta or Hernandez to cover the wing position.

 I’m a great admirer of Farke so sure he knows best but I’d have thought he’d have tried it a few times more, even as a mid game option when change is needed.

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@rock bus I confess that I am also surprised we haven’t seen much more of Emi as a fantasista at 10, particularly at the higher levels where his turnover errors were exploited and cause higher risk to be taken.

His excellent defensive 'scurrying’ and ability to shut space fast is superb, which is an excellent bonus in 3/4 areas, where he is almost doing the work of 2 players. As others have said, this aspect of his game is often overlooked. His interceptions, recovery pressing and intensity Upon possession concession are all remarkably good. 

As with the front 4 He has a fluid role and it is certainly much more effective in positional play as we operate it to ‘not start where you finish and not finish where you start‘ in positional terms...

...however he does just look, act and feel like a 10...

He is just learning to shoot however. He has been coached hard to see shots,  take shots and take responsibility for missing them (taking the option at the right time regardless). Perhaps his reluctance to do so previously delayed his move to 10...?


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