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Andy Gray And Dickson Etuhu: Waghorn Reply

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Andy Gray - his current employers think he is absolutely rubbish. His previous employers thought he was rubbish. Fans thought he was rubbish. If he is really the calibre of player we are aiming at, surely people are right to be disturbed?

Dickson Etuhu - he may well have been "Slowly improving game by game". He''d be hard pressed to do any worse. What pisses the fans off is that we expect some basics on display from a signing. For someone who showed almost nothing in terms of ability or application on loan, a 3 1/2 year reward after his loan spell is rather galling.


I find rick Waghorns latest offering offensive to free speach.  If he cant tell the difference between the rumours and the real news then why is he looking at the message boards anyway

The laughable thing is, by the way he talks it sounds like he spends a fair amount of time on said message boards, i wonder who he is???  my guess is Squit.

Isnt he the guy who had a total b***h at Francis after the Fulham game, then done a 360 and pretty much said sorry the week after?

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