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Was selling Brennan smart or not?

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Ok, when I 1st heard the news that Jimbo was off, I was hardly in tears. He hasn''t had the best time at Norwich, partly because he''s not better than Drury, and whenever he got a game, it was in the centre of midfield, with his partner in crimer Simple Simon Charlton.

BUT, in a time where we are struggling to put 5 players on the bench, would it have been not a bad idea to keep him until the summer? We didn''t get a fee for him, so we''d be missing out on nothing, and he can''t exactly be earning 100k a week!

I''ll eat my words though if we get a few players in before the end of the month, but am I the only person here who is a little persamistic of this?

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well... whats the point keeping him now? he is only keeping a youngster out of the team, he gets barracked when he gets on the pitch, his confidence is totally shot, he messes up because of this. He is played out of position more often than not. He would be off in the summer. He has had a torrid time at norwich.  I for one wish him well, he just wasnt destined to have a good time at norwich.

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In my opinion the place on the bench will be better served buyt an eager academy player wanting to do well, rather than a lazy git, who wants to leave. Rossi Jarvis, Spillane, cave brown, Ryan J when fit, Shackell, henderson and even chris martin deserve there chance and could get it now Mr i cant be bothered has left. These yougsters have talent and need to be allowed to show their stuff.

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We didn''t sell him though did we?? Didn''t he go on a free? I''m not surprised Brennan has left and think it is probably best for his career and for the club. I belive he is better than he has shown the Norwich fans and this will give him a chance to start afresh!

What does surprise me is that Worthy has let him go now and for free. It''s amazing the number of players we let go without commanding a transfer fee.. Ok he was out of contract at the end of the season and he is now off the wage bill but surely we could have got a nominal fee like the £50 000 we paid for Robinson which would have been better than nothing!

Also we have such a small squad and were down to playing youngsters the other game - it seems mad to let him go before we''ve brought in anyone new?? If we were prepared to let him go for free anyway, why didn''t we wait till the end of the season and use him as cover when he was going to leave for free anyway - it''s not like we''ve benefitted financially from this and are now another man light!!

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It is surely a good thing for all concerned as he wasn''t going anywhere at all with us and we can use a youngster whilst saving his contract costs. 

It is whether it is smart at this particular point in time that I''m unsure of - we still have a long injury list and have so far signed no-one in the transfer window, so this leaves us even further down on our already woefully thin squad number of experienced players.   That said, he was often rather ineffective when he came on so I don''t really suppose this matters too much - one of the youngsters will come in and be much more up for it.


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It does leave us desperately short of cover and it seems bizarre to let him go when already bemoaning the small squad size and having a dislike to letting youngsters having a go.


I can only assume some cover is on its way; if not this looks like another way for keeping the too small squad excuse going.


I like the way the PR team used the same statement, bar name & club for his departure as was used for Holt;  some evidence of cost cutting?!?

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after the watford match its probable that charlie is not adequate cover for an injured drury.  unfortunately, because of his height, he is vulnerable to long diagonal balls played over him.  we rarely got the opportunity to see brennan play left back, but perhaps if charlie had been subbed by him in the second half its possible we could have been tighter down the left side and not conceded.  as usual worthy failed to act upon an obvious situ-a-shun. surely a watching brennan would''ve seen the danger watford posed down the left side and wonder why he didn''t get a look in. in fact, it probably confirmed to him he would never get a game at left back, unless it was in circumstances of hobson''s choice. 6 days later brennan is off, quicker than prawns left on a hot window sill.

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" It''s amazing the number of players we let go without commanding a transfer fee.. "

Much the same way it''s amazing the number who join without a fee. Also amazing the number of players who will have that stipulation written into their contract.

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  • 2000/01

    Zema Abbey: £350,000

    Gary Holt: £100,000

    Adam Drury: £500,000

    Paul Peschisolido: Loan

  • 2001/02

    Clint Easton: £100,000

    Paul Crichton: £150,000

    Mark Rivers: £500,000

    Neil Emblen: £500,000

    Marc Libbra: Free

    David Nielsen: Loan then £200,000

    Andy Roberts: Loan

    Trevor Benjamin: Loan

  • 2002/03

    Paul Heckingbottom: Free

    Nicky Southall: Loan

    Keith Briggs: £65,000

    David Healy: Loan

    Leigh Bromby: Loan

  • 2003/04

    Jim Brennan: Free

    Damien Francis: £240,000

    Marc Edworthy: Free

    Elvis Hammond: Loan

    Darren Huckerby: Loan then £750,000

    Peter Crouch: Loan

    Kevin Harper: Loan

    Leon McKenzie: £325,000

    Mathias Svensson: £50,000

    Kevin Cooper: Loan

  • 2004/05

    Paul Gallacher: Free

    David Bentley: Season loan

    Youssef Safri: £500,000

    Simon Charlton: £250,000

    Thomas Helveg: Free

    Darren Ward: Free

    Mattias Jonson: £800,000

    Gary Doherty: £750,000

    Dean Ashton: £3 million

    Graham Stuart: Free

  • 2005/06

    Matthieu Louis-Jean: Swap deal

    Jason Jarrett: Free

    Peter Thorne: Free

    Jurgen Colin: £250,000

    Andy Hughes: £500,000

    Dean Marney: Season loan

    Kevin Lisbie: Loan

    Calum Davenport: Loan

    Dickson Etuhu: Loan then £450,000

    David Wright: Loan

    Carl Robinson: Loan then £50,000

  • Danny Bloomfield was given a one-year contract in May 2001 but never figured in the first team squad.

    Cant see too many IN free''s that have been worth it here

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