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Read between the lines........

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There is one poster on here that constantly advises other posters to "see the message within the message", he''s good at it & others are not (apparantly).  Initially from my more lurking than posting status i did think that this was a case of one individual claiming to be more tuned in than the others whether he was or not.  However i can see that if anyone genuinely believes we can afford Earnshaw & that the club wants to sign him from the sound bites released to the press you need your head read.  Worthington has described him as a "character" on BBC website article dated sunday 29th - it is undeniable that characters are something he does not like so he wouldn''t be signed, but the biggest point is we can''t afford him. 

"Oh yes we can! Ashton transfer kitty!" you cry.  Umm no,  3mill (ish) to sign, agents & ancillery costs est. 250k, salary of 35k a week.......yep thats right readers Earnies on a HUGE wedge & believe it or not after we spend the kitty on signing the lad we have to finance paying the bloke too, thats just shy of 6million in wages on 3yr deal by the way.  But lets say our head honcho''s persuade the lad to drop to a mediocre (on current form) CCC club, negotiate a 33% pay cut (with promise of a 500K promo bonus or something) & a 20% payoff if he leaves club, thats still 3.6mill in wages on a 3 yr deal & it''ll still take a hell of a persuasive man to convince a player as arrogant as Earnshaw to drop a league & take a paycut.

Sign Earnsahw?  Ha ha ha, read between the line...........

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