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It Could Be Worse

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We could have Rupert Lowe as our chairman.  Living in Southampton I have to say how lucky we are to have our board than this fool who is currently dragging Saints down.

In the local paper (The Echo) today the back page headline was Lowe defending himself against a lot of criticism recently.  I have been trying to find this online because it is a classic.  In his defence against people blaming him for  Saints losing their top league status in decades he says he has taken forward.  Ok how?

Well 1st he has built St Mary''s Stadium, which is fair enough it''s a top stadium.  He then talks about the academy, which again is a fair point as Saints have THE best youth team around which has already started to feed the first team.

Now those two points are very valid and can''t be argued but it''s his 3rd point that is the killer, are you ready?  This will be really good right?  Nope, the 3rd best thing he could come up with is that he started Saint FM, Southampton FC''s very own radio station.  I''m sure this is of great comfort to the Saints fan''s as they play games outside the top flight for the time in thirty odd years because at least when they play Cardiff,  they can listen to commentary on their very own radio station.

What a t*t!

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