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now don't get me wrong.........................................but...................

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I have to admit to invariably being a fan of worthy''s signings and his transfer policy. I like the way he won''t screw the club over to buy players and has the clubs interests at heart. I think if it wasn''t for this thinking we could be financially screwed like a lot of other clubs in this league


I am starting to get annoyed now. I understand not spending big bucks on jerome, i mean lets face it he''s had one good half season and they want 3.5 mil for him. I suggest walking away from that one (as it seems we have). I also understand not breaking the bank for Davenport, I mean he wasn''t exactly a revelation was he???? BUT, 3 mill for earnshaw seems good to me, he is absolutely proven to score goals. He''s scored a lot in the 1st div with cardiff (think it was something like 100 goals in 200 games) and he has proven he can score goals in the prem (14 last year) so for gods sake buy him!!!!! stick him up front with a big man (johansson perhaps will do for now) and you''ll score goals! And also Halford, young and good, 1mill or a bit more sounds like good business to me (surely he''s an investment), BUY HIM too.

I''d be happy with the following:

Earnshaw and halford in on permanent deals and a big man up front on loan till the summer. Ok Ok a centre half would be good too, ahhhhhhhhhhh this is so hard, ok worthy perhaps I do understand!!!!!

Rant complete

Thanks, Cambscanary

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