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Buendia “come and get me”

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2 minutes ago, PurpleCanary said:

That is a nonsense argument. Threads change their subject matter all the time, and this was hardly a throwaway comment but a long post that provoked several other long posts, in effect taking over the thread.

Maybe people are fed up of the same argument about the whole situation being regurgitated each time. 
I doubt there’s going to be many opinions changed. 
Nephew Tom is a very bad idea (to me), if we can get an owner who fits the mould the owners would consider, then brilliant! 
They need to remain with the times and realise that we may not be able to accommodate their wishes and may not bounce between the prem and champs.

We broke the mould with employing Farke and it turned out well. 

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1 hour ago, ged in the onion bag said:

So they are damned either way!    JerryKerry was very generous when describing you earlier but spot on!

You’ve undoubtedly got no problem if a rich sugar daddy wastes £10m on the likes of Naismith as so often happens!    

You wouldn’t trust a sugar daddy either!   Your thirst for a whinge would never allow it!


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