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Another club allowed to develop youth...

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Seen this BBC article and hopefully it should be ultra-clear why leaving Farke in place should be part of the plan (or if he leaves, get a very similar manager in that also focuses on youth development). Guy Roux basically did the same at Auxerre in the 1990s and early 2000s, turning themĀ them into quite a respectable European force for some time with a veritable litany of top French players that went through their ranks.

It's also a reason why, when Webber goes, we need to look for a fundamentally similar sporting director.

Furthermore, Lille have done this even despite PSG's mega-millions and general dominance. In the light of the sheer financial muscle permeating the Premier League - and that several clubs basically have this arms race going on, this pretty much is the route to follow for us unless we get lucky with a billionaire from somewhere.

(I'd also point out how Hellas Verona won Serie A in 1985 as well, but there was also an element of anti-corruption in it).


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