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Difficult to know which side to be on.


They both seem a bit screwed up.

The price of fame: drink, drugs and violence.

So glad now that I didn't get my anticipated breakthrough when I was an extra in "Young Winston."

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He looked pretty drunk to me the last time I saw him at Disneyland. 

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Posted (edited)

Clearly being in the public eye creates a pressure that some handle with ease yet others are unable to cope with, be it the pressures of fame or the financial rewards involved.

In crude terms, the likes of Johny Depp, who in another existence might well have been a car mechanic with a wife, three kids and a mortgage, suddenly finds fame and wealth that his personality/intellect is unable to cope with without resort to various props. It starts with alcohol and seems to progress from there.

We get it with professional footballers a lot. Examples abound of individuals with such richness of fame and millions that their lack of intellect is unable to handle.

The world of pop music abounds with fractured lives.

The stabilising aspect is that the majority are level headed normal and manage to come to terms with themselves. Even if it's like, for example,  Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and others who have managed to exist with their failings by becoming a parody of their image.

I can't recall ever seeing a Depp film but nevertheless feel that he would struggle with a Shakesperian script. Eye liner before real talent? I could be wrong.

Goodbye Norma Jean and all that.

The current very messy court battle would likely destroy the average individual but I get the impression that the likes of Depp ( and Heard) are, by now,  so addicted to their fame, their delusions of speciality that they are totally immune to it all.

Just another day at the office. 


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