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Yorkshire  Canary

Football Still Does not seem very important yet

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Still very weird times and any attempt to " into the footy" alas is not working for me. I love my football and have been popping down to carrow Road for 30 years experiencing the highs and  lows like everyone else, but it just does not seem real or dare i say it important at the moment. In more normal times i would be pulling my hair out, relegated again after the worst run in our history, no goals , rubbish performances, but this season the COVID world has re set my thought processes and i know i am not on my own. Since resumption i have been irritated with both performances and results and relegation, but have i lost any sleep about it ? no is the answer. When will we get to see them live, noone knows, that will probably be the time for me when i start taking a deeper interest. Not for me the live games on TV without fans, i stopped watching them a few weeks ago and they were free, no way i would pay to watch it. I am interested in players coming and going,but not the deep interest of former seasons. I do wonder what the whole football pyramid will look like when this is all over and short term it is nice that things do seem to be improving. Well here is to the new season, but its all about going ,seeing,feeling the atmosphere and hopefully interest will pick up when that day returns

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