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I heard after the game on Saturday that we're on course to set a new record for our lowest ever points total, so I've just done a bit of research to see what other records we could break this season.

Now, I generally don't like to be unnecessarily negative so I'll start with a positive. Despite the fact that results have clearly been dismal and as these records show, it may well statistically turn out to be the worst season in the club's history in terms of results, I recognise that our future prospects have never looked this bright upon Premier League relegation as we have five young players alone that could potentially fetch £100m between them. If the money we receive from some of these players gets reinvested then we'll still be in a much stronger position than we were two years ago.

Now, on to these records.


Fewest points:

3-pts-per-win record: 33. (Premier League 2004/05, Premier League 2013/14)

2-pts-per-win record: 28. (Third Division South 1930/31, Third Division South 1947/48)

Current total: 21.


Fewest wins:

Record: 7. (1973/74 First Division, 1978/79 First Division, 2004/05 Premier League)

Current total: 5.


Fewest goals:

Record: 28. (2013/14 Premier League)

Current total: 25.


Most defeats:

Record: 24. (1930/31 Third Division South, 1946/47 Third Division South, 1938/39 Second Division, 2008/09 Championship)

Current total: 22.


Worst goal difference:

Record: -41. (1938/39 Second Division)

Current total: -36.


We've got five games left to avoid these records, and I'm sure the players don't want to be part of a squad which breaks some of these. With relegation almost certain, at least avoiding these gives us something to play for.



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It would be just our luck that in a season where we’ve arguably brought through more hot property than in any other in the clubs history, that there is a pretty high chance player value has gone down slightly. We’ll still get a good sum no question, but probably not as much as we’d hoped. Mind you, Webber is not stupid and drives a hard bargain so it will be on our terms and rightly so. It’s hard to predict figures for each individual player, but even in this climate, you won’t see Premier League teams let their best young players go to others for downwards of £20mil.

For example, why should Aston Villa get £75mil for Jack Grealish from Man Utd (that’s the rumour), yet we should settle for £20mil for Todd Cantwell. That just wouldn’t be right...

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