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curious yellow

Football v Money

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I support Norwich City Football Club, I say that because it is very much a club that we are all part of, the fans are there to encourage the players financially and vocally. The club does well and everybody is happy but once you take away the fans it ceases to be a football club. 

Imagine we are 3-0 down with 15 minutes to go and the game is abandoned. We would be expected to replay the game as soon as possible, not replay the last 15 minutes 3 months later with no fans and very little chance of regaining fitness. 

Well that is the same as what has happened to our season, with a break longer than the close season, we are now expected to play 2 games in a week including our FA Cup quarter final that we worked so hard for and that cost us points in the league. 

Fitness has been a big problem and left us with a worse depleted team choice than before the break, it shows you how bad the fitness levels were that Stiepermann missed a few days training leaving him so unfit that he could not be considered for the squad for the next match. Pukki had been injured before the break and had no chance to regain match fitness. 

The last few games have left the players emotionally and physically drained. I cannot criticise any of them, I have sympathy for them, the pressure of what was expected. 

Yesterday Farke's tough love was to make them feel like relegation is something that they never want to experience against, just like last season he made sure they experienced the joy of promotion as much as possible. 

I am surprised at the U turn about players leaving when previously they had said we will try to hold onto players

We must now try to get some positives out of this season before the side breaks up, there are many talented players but the restart has proved a bridge too far. 

Sad, but things never work out in this division but I look forward to the rebuild and hope for better luck. OTBC


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